Is Judy Star Dead?

There is a rumor going around – again until there can be confirmation let me be clear and say it is just a rumor, that is going around on a Montreal adult bulletin board that porn star Judy Star is dead.
Judy Star

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on April 8, 1982, Judy Star came to America to be a star …. a porn star. During her time as a porn star which started around the year 2000, she made over 130 movies and worked for quite a few companies including Hustler, Zero Tolerance, Sin City, New Sensations, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, DVSX, 3rd Degree and more.

By all accounts she had a full and exciting career. But then 4 years later something happened. Judy Star was quarantined by an HIV scare that rocked the porn business. Although she would later test negative for HIV, it was revealed that she appeared in several movies where adult performers where Darren James and Lara Roxx, known to be infected, were also in the cast, and was known to have performed a sex scene with a female actress who had performed an anal scene with James.

Since that time, she apparently went back to Canada where she was rumored to have made a living dancing and escorting. In December of 2009 she was picked as one of our pornstars of the week.

3 thoughts on “Is Judy Star Dead?

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  2. Hi everyone, knowing a close friend of Judy she indeed died in Montreal july 7th of natural causes. She went in the shower at night and never got out…sad story but reporting from sources in the family, no foul play, and its not a suicide. Probably a heart dysfonction.

    Thats it take care everyone

  3. she did not go in the shower she was in bath tub filled with water and slit her wrist it was a suicide you maybe friends
    with Judy but not a family friend and if you knew and tried to cover it up you weren’t her friend at all… take care cover guy who ever you are !

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