Nerd Pass Teams Up With Some Gay Butt Pirates

You knew that something would soon be happening with Nerd Pass after rumors that many retailers were returning their DVDs for lack of sales.  Then comes this news …

All I’ll say is, what turns out to be the most ironic thing I’ve heard all year … Nerd Pass has inked a distribution deal with a company best known for gay sex and abusive sex with cartoon like teen girls.  It seems you found your true home Nerd Pass, where you truly belong.

Good luck with that.

Gay Butt Pirates LOL

That just makes my day.

Here is the full story of anyone is interested from XBIZ

ASM Inks Distribution Deal With and Director Dirty Sanchez

RESEDA, Calif. — Adult Source Media (ASM) has inked a deal with reality website and director Dirty Sanchez for worldwide DVD distribution rights.

“Although we are most well known for our best selling line of adult animation, we are continuously looking out for other popular niches,” said ASM President, Wendy Crawford.

“Customer feedback is important to us and one name that came up over and over again was Nerd Pass. We are thrilled to add such a great reality based line to our portfolio of high-quality niche product.”

ASM’s first release, “See Me in Public #3” is scheduled for a February 23 release followed by the debut of the new “Stripper Hook Ups” series, the company said. In addition to these titles, never-before-released Dirty Sanchez content will be distributed.

“You’re not ready,” said Sanchez. “Believe it. When these DVD’s street fans are going to lose their minds.”

“With a phenomenal ability to cajole the hottest nymphs running around South Florida, combined with his hilarious exploits, Dirty Sanchez and his roving pack of shooters make a lethal combination. Attention starved amateur whores should consider themselves fairly warned. Fans of the Pro-Am, Reality genre finally have something to get excited about,” the company said

Upcoming Nerd Pass DVD series through ASM include, “Viva La Bus” and “Ass Delivery.”

For DVD sales & distribution call (818) 882-1651, or email

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