More XBIZ Awards Drama

Boy what a cluster fuck this turned out to be.   So I’m at Luke is Back today reading a story about Mariah Milano and the category of Web starlet of the year.  It’s a very interesting story and she made some very valid points.

The category I was nominated for was best Porn Star Website. in my category 15 of the 20 nominees don’t even own their sites. They don’t run them or have anything to do with them other than getting a little % check every month and shooting content when their webmaster tells them to.

And of those 15 there are 2 or 3 who don’t even get a % check at all!! They have nothing to do with their sites whatsoever! Ask Amy Reid about her site and how much she gets paid. When I asked her she laughed and said she never even talked to Atlas Media when they put her “Official Site” online. What a joke!

I wonder what the winner uses to make her FHG’s? Does she make them by hand like I do or does she have a template or a variety of templates? Or if she uses an auto submitter like Chameleon? I wonder which TGP’s she submits to regularly?

To me the winners are the 5 girls in this category who actually run our sites and take pride in them and deal directly with our members. Girls like Kelly Divine who busts her big ass to make her site quality and keep it updated and same goes to Nikki Benz and Sophie Dee and Belladonna. They are the winners for keeping it real and representing themselves.

As far as the rest of the awards go to me it looks like a list of the top advertisers all the way down the list. Isn’t that a strange coincidence? I am less than surprised but I have to say that XBiz was the one that I hoped would do things the right way and they didn’t, they did it the same old way everyone has been doing on both sides of the hill. (reference to hollywood vs. the valley)

Am I bitter, not really. Do I think its fucked that myself or one of the other 4 didn’t win? You bet! Look at Belladonna’s site…it’s the most unique site I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand it and it confuses me but it’s all her. She made it that way. It’s how SHE sees it and to me that’s awesome!

Who is this Bob Johnson guy in charge now?  Is this the reason things got so fucked up?

I ask because well, I started thinking about something someone told me about him.  She said Bob Johnson hasn’t really been IN the industry in awhile now.    I heard through the grapevine that he’s had various jobs in the industry but hasn’t really done much at all in the last few years and this is the person XBIZ tasked with picking the winners?

I’m not a big fan of porno parodies but one thing you have to admit is that they sell well and if the fans like them and are willing to shuck out endless money to buy them, then what the fuck do I know?

Will Ryder was the 2010 AVN Director of the Year for his Body of Work.  That win was a pretty obvious.  His movies sell well and this is a “BUSINESS” after all so it only makes sense to award those that reflect well on the money making side of the business.

At the XBIZ awards, he won the people’s choice award for the porn director of the year.

Yes the XBIZ selected winner was Axel Braun, who really hasn’t done much this year in terms of making a splash in the movie world.  Sure he does have a hot new movie coming out but that would be for next years awards.   But what did he do this last year that would qualify him as a better director than Will Ryder?

I don’t know either of them, don’t care to but I’m still smart enough to compare the list of movies each director has done and then compare their sales figures and overall impact on our industry as a whole.

Yet XBiz and their brand new editor Bob Johnson, gave the award to his good friend Axel Braun.  Bob Johnson was so clueless about Will Ryder’s accomplishments this past year that when XBiz wrote up Will’s bio for the XBiz seminar guide he highlighted Britney Rears as one of Ryder’s big accomplishments.  Seriously?  That does the guy not know how to use fucking google?  And THIS is the new head of XBIZ?????

I don’t know why the fuck they fired Steve but they might seriously want to reconsider bringing his ass back if this is the level of competency you get from the new guy.  How can you seriously justify heading up an organizing about an industry you know so little about?

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