Affiliates Beware of Nerd Pass

Nerdpass runs an affiliate program that I would seriously think twice about before wanting to do business with them.  Want to know why?  Well the first time we heard of them was a lawsuit.   Of course the company themselves sent out the press release, proud that someone was suing their asses for doing something stupid.  Now comes news via Twitter that one of their peeps is in jail and rumor has it, this isn’t the first time.  It seems that on Tuesday someone named  “Ugly” from Nerdpass was arrested in Miami-Dade County for grand theft of a vehicle in a 3rd degree, drug possession, and a charge of intent to purchase cannabis.  There is another collection of charges that include theft, an invalid drivers license (aka using a fake id), and an attempt to scam a pawnbroker.

So webmasters before, next time you think about signing up for an affiliate program just keep in mind the type of person who works for this one.  Is this really someone you want to trust with your money and your traffic?


By the way thanks to MIA Adult Talent for the tip via Twitter on this story

4 thoughts on “Affiliates Beware of Nerd Pass

  1. To keep your facts straight:

    1. Nerd Pass is on the market over a year with more than 2000 affiliates. You will never hear from anybody complaining that they did not get their check for the traffic. Quite opposite all of the are sending their traffic, converting well and getting paid on time. Nerd Pass works with all major players on the market including Brazzers and Porn Pros and all talent agencies including one you mentioned.

    2. Nerd Pass never released any press releases about any lawsuits. If you’re looking for the shady company doing adult business in Miami check Channel 7 archives.

    3. Ugly has never been Nerd Pass employee. He works from time to time as a contractor, true has a records just as he did while working for Bang Bros as an employee.

  2. Dude you did release a press release about a lawsuit on 7/9/09. That was only a few months ago …. did you already forget?

    “JT reached for comment said only “yeah, it was a crazy day!” Contact info: with any questions please contact Tom Dziurzynski at”

    Sound familiar?

  3. Ha you got owned. What the fuck kind of dumb ass company would deny issuing a press release that any idiot can google and find existed.

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