Whose PULSE is it?

Rumor has it things aren’t so pretty over at Pulse Distribution.    We all know that DVD sales are down in a big way, but it’s more than just a drastic drop in DVD sales.  The rumor mill has it that at least three studios have recently left them and a few more are going to within the next few weeks.


I spoke with a few people who don’t wish to go on record but basically one particular company left after someone high up at Vivid talked badly about someone in the business, who is friends with this company in question.  I asked why anyone would break a contract over personal issues and he said that it goes much deeper than that.  That “we don’t want to do business like we are in junior high with people going around spreading idle gossip and rumors about people they don’t like.  If they want to piss away money over some guy they may have personal issues with that is their thing, but I don’t want to run my business that way.

I tried to find out more specifics, including names of who the fuck people are going on about but nobody wants to talk on record.  All I could get for sure is that at least three studios are no longer doing business with Pulse Distribution for sure.

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