New Calendar Feature

Although it’s still in the works we have started to develop a one stop calendar script that, at a quick glance will allow you to see who is going to be where. We have been trolling the myspace and twitter pages of the porn stars as well as some incoming press releases to fill in the data but if you find we missed your upcoming scheduled appearance just let me know man. I’ll try and get it posted for you.

One thought on “New Calendar Feature

  1. I had been thinking for the past few weeks of finding an online calendar and posting the dates I get on press releases and upcoming award shows and television appearances. But have been trying to find the right calendar and where each day, when clicked, is big enough to put many entries and that can be continued to be edited if new things come up for the same day. Still trying to find the right one. Can’t embed it into the site because doesn’t allow javascript. So would have to link to it. Because I sometimes forget big events and forget to tell in time. I would also open up the post I announce this so others can add information for me to add too.

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