Naughty America Live Seeking a Co-Anchor

For those of you who haven’t seen the show Good Morning Naughty America, you should check it out because it’s pretty funny. And rumor has it, they are looking for a co-host. They have a massive member base so this could be great exposure for the right person. Basically from what I can tell about this show, they talk about their website, the new content, what is coming, interview some porn stars. If you think you would be an awesome co-host you should contact Lauren. Lauren’s e-mail is


UPDATE: I’ve now gotten 9 different emails from people telling me the hosts appreciate the post but don’t like the picture. It was just a screen capture from your live show earlier this morning. A friend was watching your show, thought it was great, told me about your thing so I logged on to your site to take the shot. No offense intended. Have your people send me a better picture and I’ll replace the one I have there now.

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