What is wrong with people?

I was talking to someone the other day about the very lovely Briana Banks and he actually said to me, that he didn’t like the new Briana Banks, that she is fat.  I’m like WTF?  Briana Banks fat?  Are you on crack?  So he quickly replied with a, well maybe not fat but way heavier.

So I paid a quickie visit to Briana Banks MySpace page to see if maybe there was something I was missing.  Is there images of a “fat” Briana Banks that maybe I don’t know about and you know what I found?  Proof of how wrong this guy was.  Take a look at this picture below and her amazing body.  Look at her long and luscious legs.   If THAT is fat then damn, I’m confused about what that word means.

Briana Banks Skin

Oh and for the record, after showing him some photos he later took back what he said and agreed she does look pretty hot.  Turns out his real issue wasn’t with her weight but instead with her fake eyelashes.  After going through about 30 different photos of her he realized that was what was making her look odd to him.

But that got me thinking about porn girls versus Hollywood girls like Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad and whatnot.  It’s just funny how very different the girls we lust after like Briana Banks, Hanna Hilton, Eva Angelina, and Bree Olson are nothing like what we expect out of our movie stars.   I don’t know the name of that Ally McBeal chick but she is a great example.  How do people really find that attractive?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is how great it is the girls that men secretly lust after in their porn are all real women, with real curves.  Time and again people say they don’t like the body of the new Hollywood Jenna Jameson, they prefer the Jenna Jameson with real curves and some meat on her bones.

2 thoughts on “What is wrong with people?

  1. LMAO yeah she looks horrible (of course I’m joking 😉 Briana Banks will be a stunner for years to come IMO

  2. briana banks is hot as hell. anyone who says differently is a serious dumb ass

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