The future of the web revealed

What will websites of the future look like?  Turns out it will look a lot like MMOG’s like Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft.  Crazy shit is my friend told me this 5 years ago. I just didn’t listen to her. Guess she now gets to say I told you so.

It seems web pages will be replaced with 3d visuals.  Instead of seeing pictures of trees you actually see 3d rendered trees.  This will be a massive boost for back end companies who for years have provided 3rd party objects and programs for gaming companies.  There is actually a company who does nothing but sales 3D trees of every kind for games.  In the not so distant future they will be able to expand their market to include all those website designers out there.

These fancy new websites won’t require you to download a client like a separate program, like what you need to Play WoW.  No these new fancy websites will all be built into future versions of web browers.  Here is a sample video of Google’s version of this new and coming plug in, which you can learn more about here. There is also a story about it at XBIZ.

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