Blue Iris Dies

Kimberly Kane via Twitter has just said that former porn star Blue Iris has died.


So who is Blue Iris you ask?  Well she is a 69 year old porn star.  Well at least that is what she says on her MySpace page. In her own words she says “I am Blue Iris. I used to do midget and giant black cock porn. Now I am a stand-up comic with the Ding Dong Show! I am trying to make it big!! i like to get high on weed too. i am always looking for new friends to smoke weed with too!!! and you!!!

According to the IAFD, Blue Iris performed in adult films from 2002 to 2005.  Blue Iris was also a regular on the Howard Stern show.  Here is a YouTube clip of Blue Iris making out with Artie Lange on the Stern show.

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