Cezar Capone Signs Britney Spears Look Alike Britney Pierce

First there was Morgan Dayne and now Cezar Capone does it again by signing the Britney Spears familiar known as Britney Pierce. Prior to signing with Cezar Capone Britney Pierce was known as Kara Novack but did only a few movies under her previous name.


Cezar Capone recently spoke about his new starlet at ADT and this is what he had to say about her ….

Yes, she was formally known as Kara Novak. She came in with one of our guys who met her at the 7-11 while she was with her friends in Miami Beach. I had seen a diamond in the rough. When I asked her to come in and shoot a test with us she said she would love to work for our company. She looked so much like Britney Spears I had to see if she had the guts to be a star. Once I told her we were interested in a contract with her, her eyes lit up like any one of you guys (myself included) walked into a 24 hour brothel in Amsterdam with “All You Can Eat” wrist bands.

After her first scene I knew with a little training and some small modifications we could have a real star on our hands. I promptly signed her and began shooting her first movie.

We are going for the Britney S look and feel in the beginning. I don’t think anyone has properly done a true mock-up of Britney S in our industry. I’m not talking about loading someone who really doesn’t look like Britney S into the same clothing, I mean having someone who actually looks like Britney S in the face, body and attitude.

Britney Pierce was a cheerleader since she was 12. For the past 7 years she has been cheering and dancing. The opening of Britney Pierce’s first movie starts with a choreographed dance number with 10 girls. The girls then break off and the scenes begin. There will be 8 scenes in her first movie and it will be very much a straight-to-sex type of movie with some short threads that tie the scenes together. There will be tons of BTS and photos as extras. In the DVD there will be a 3 day free password to the website where you can talk to Britney and Cam with her if you want. Some scenes on the DVD wont be on line and other scenes on line wont be on the DVD so there is something fresh for everyone.


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