When a good concept goes bad, XBIZ stream a bust

So when I heard that XBIZ would be streaming their awards show live from their website I decided I would give it a shot. As advertised the feed started at around 9 pm PST but that was about the only quality thing I can say about the whole experience.  The feed started on time but all you really got was loud music.  The show itself stated about an hour and 3 minutes later.

And even then it was really almost impossible to enjoy it via their live stream.  Which is really to bad because I thought it was a great idea.  It was just poorly executed.  I think in the end the blame has to lies with the company they selected to do the live feed.   I think they did a really shitty ass job.

From friends who were actually present at the live show they said the production values where much better than what we seen over the web. He said that XBIZ really did a great job at putting together the whole thing despite all the noise and confusion.  It’s just to bad that the stream sucked so badly so that the rest of us at home couldn’t enjoy any of what was going on.

First of all it was a very small screen, so what we were watching was about 300×260 pixels in size. This small feed box was placed on the front page of the XBIZ website which a refreshes at random and that reset the feed so if you wanted to keep watching the live stream you had to restart it. This got very annoying, very fast. I couldn’t believe that Video Secrets who mind you has been around for more than a decade now, has yet to figure out the streaming technology so that we didn’t have to fucking reset the feed every 2 to 3 minutes?  The show started at 10:03 pm PST and by 10:09 pm I had to restart the feed for the third time since the start of the show. I had to reset the 4th time since the start of the show just 11 minutes prior, at 10:14. This is honestly how the entire show went. It was a really crap ass feed. Think of how sucky web cam technology was 10 years ago. That was better.

So next we learned very quickly that the organizers of this live stream didn’t put a whole hell of a lot of thought into the production of the show because they positioned themselves in the very back of this very dark room. Let me show you a picture of the feed with 3 unknown people on stage.  I would love to tell you who the fuck these people where but honestly I couldn’t tell because it was to dark.  The people on stage were just black shadows to us and the sound quality was so bad we couldn’t make out about 80% of what was being said.



As if all the other things I mentioned weren’t bad enough, you also got the joy over listening to the idle chatter of a male and female running the camera because apparently these two dumb asses from Video Secrets weren’t smart enough to know that if you talk into a camera people can fucking hear you. Yes, this great company bringing us the live feed actually had employees talking over the presenters, not realizing we could all hear what they fuck they were saying.

After trying to see something, anything and not being able to really hear what anyone was saying I wanted to just gave up and go to bed but someone who’s name I won’t mention made me watch this shit all fucking night.  I wished I had something more positive to report but well I can’t because I couldn’t fucking see or hear anything.  Video Secrets really blew what could have been a fucking great idea, live broadcast of an industry awards show. The only thing I really got out of this award show is that Video Secrets sucks balls and after all of these years never really caught on to the concept of professionalism. Seriously can someone just tell me how the fuck a live cam company couldn’t figure out the very basic concept of streaming a live feed when this is what they do for a living every fucking day?

2 thoughts on “When a good concept goes bad, XBIZ stream a bust

  1. Funny thing about this is the adult industry is hurting so bad. This was a huge opportunity to show a side of the industry that is good. This could of also been a very good PG type of event to post on cross over websites that could of drawn in some cross traffic.
    I left adult several years ago for mainstream and some days I regret that decision. But then I hear of events like this and shake my head. Adult for so many years really lead the tech boom and or tried the technology first and really proved it out for others to use. Sadly live streaming is very simple technology to get right. It really is going to show that people in adult have lost the concept that quality counts above all. If you don’t have quality in your products you wont have consumers.
    My guess is another year and adult will be like most industries in the US only the strong will survive and the companies that put the utmost quality into their products. This massive correction needs to happen there are too many people trying to make a buck in adult that never should of gotten the chance in the first place. It’s ruined a great thing for many of us. I forced too many of us that loved the industry to go else where. Quality my friends Quality….

  2. Quality by the way goes for the talent also. Porn needs to get rid of so many of the ugly girls. I don’t mean to be mean but where did the female quality go? 10 years ago a girl like Bree Olson would of been really a bottom feeder in looks. Don’t get me wrong she is decent looking but she is no Taylor Hayse, Shane, Racquel Darrian or Celeste. I think one of the worst things adult did was get to big for it’s britches and let so many sub par women in. I also think so many girls today hang on too long. Such as Bella Donna. She is great don’t get me wrong but she should move behind the camera and leave in front of it to others.

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