Hef and his trio of new blondes

EOnline just published a new video of Hugh Hefner and his three new hotties.

Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt may be moving on, but Hugh Hefner’s not exactly missing his Girls Next Door…he’s too busy with three new girlfriends.

“The best solution to lost love is new love,” Hef tells E! News in an exclusive interview, joined by Karissa and Kristina Shannon and Crystal Harris.

So how did these three ladies come to join his blondetourage?

Hef reached out to the twins while they were being scouted as Playmates for the magazine’s 55th anniversary issue?they moved in about two weeks after he separated from Holly. As for Crystal, he met her at his annual Halloween party, and after a month together, Hef asked her to move into the Mansion.

“I’m much more reserved than the twins,” says Harris. “They are much more outgoing, and I’m the type of person who likes to stay close to home. Hef has the best of both worlds with us.”

And it doesn’t sound like there are any hard feelings between Hef, his outgoing roomies and the new men in their lives, either. He even met Kendra’s footballer fiance?, Hank Baskett, last week and says he’s a “cool guy.” As for whether they’ll tie the knot at the Mansion this summer, Hef says, “it’s their call.”

Hef also thinks Holly would have been marriage material if he hadn’t already been married twice.

“Those are not the happiest times of my life and I just don’t want to screw up another,” says Hef. “[Holly] had a very good chance because I think she would’ve made a very good wife and will make a good wife to Criss [Angel] or whoever she winds up with.”

In the meantime, the Playboy magnate says he doesn’t really have time to miss his triple exes. “I’m very busy.” Especially given the gossip he may be scouting for another girl to join him at the Mansion?a rumor he doesn’t exactly shoot down. “We don’t have anyone in particular, but it’s always possible,” he says. “There was one point when I had seven girlfriends.”

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  1. Well, I wonder at what point he will decide to go retire if it will ever happens at all…

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