Briana Banks breaks her foot but not her spirit

Briana Banks may have a broken foot but not her spirit.  She has plans to push forward for the launch of her new company this January in Las Vegas!

The lovely goddess that some of you may know as Briana Banks has been unusually quiet on the MySpace home front lately and well now we know why. It turns out that she has been staying with a friend, trying to recover from a horribly painful broken foot. But she apparently still plans on going to Vegas despite her little foot problem and plans on “rocking a cast” while signing autographs for fans this coming January. So if you are in Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo this year be sure and stop by to see Briana Banks and wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.


Briana Banks (via her MySpace page) says … Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been M.I.A… clumsy here broke her foot and I’ve been staying with a friend. It’s been pretty painful so haven’t really been checking messages. Promise to catch up this weekend. Funny how life throws you curveballs, but I’m gonna rock a cast in Vegas. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo – Bree

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