Kira Kener is still around?

There was once a porn star named Kira Kener whose big claim to fame was that years ago she was a Vivid girl, then she got fired, then she sued Vivid and actually pretty much won in most counts, but not really as big as she would have liked.  However to my knowledge she is the first Vivid girl to sue the company and actually have any sort of success with her demands.

Luke is Back is now reporting that Kira Kener is in some sort of recovery and that she expects her website to be out sometime in January and that she’s sorry for the delay.  She claims it’s now a problem with the hosting company, as if it really takes months to fix a hosting issue.  Apparently she thinks we are all stupid and don’t know about web hosting issues or remember the 19 other reasons she has given in the past 4 years about the delay of her official website.

Kira Kener is much older now than when she was first signed with Vivid.  This is not to say there isn’t a whole cougar marketing opportunity for her but she isn’t the young, hot thang Vivid promoted and the fans she may have gained from those days.  She was young and hot then and all the content she ever had out there, including her movies and photo sets may leave people surprised to see the newer, older her.  She really missed a big window of opportunity when leaving Vivid by not launching her website.  For years she’s been saying it would be launched and each time there is some new, odd excuse.

I heard many great stories about Kira Kener over the years like that once she was contacting some Mac and Bumble affiliates demanding they remove her photos, that were actually photos of Kira that she did for that website and they had every right to display them.  I also heard that she was a bitch on the set of her movies, she was impossible to work with, she was fake to her fans, treated the other Vivid girls horribly and so on and so on but damn this new website thing really has me confused.  Why would anyone who claims to be so smart blow such a great marketing opportunity?

Are perhaps the rumors of alleged drug abuse ringing true?  Is the real reason for all the delays because I can’t imagine anything else would get in the way.  Can’t imagine why anyone would piss off their window of opportunity.

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