Holy shit Nikki Benz is a brunette

So I going through some posts over at LA Direct News when I see this one about Nikki Benz appearing at some club here or there last week.  The post itself didn’t catch my attention it was the fact that I was expecting to see a hot little blonde number in the photo associated with the post but BAM!  I see a brunette.  But not just any brunette, it’s Nikki Benz as a brunette and if I’m not mistaken her hair isn’t the only thing that change about her.  I think her tits got bigger too.  Damn she looks smokin hot.  I’ve always been a fan of the blondes and had Nikki Benz out right asked me her thoughts on changing her hair color I probably would have said stay blonde but boy would I have been wrong.  Look how fucking hot she looks.  In reference here is a link to a blonde Nikki Benz from earlier this year.  Hot?  Fuck ya but I am loving the fuck out of her new look.  It’s more exotic looking.

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