Chuck Berry Sex Video? WTF is the world coming to?

I decided to take a much needed little trip to visit a friend of mine in Texas.  I was going to go to see a friend in Florida but since they had a hurricane headed their way I figured I would go see a friend of mine in Texas instead.  Sure the fuck as I get here they are about to be hit with a god damn hurricane. The same god damn hurricane that should have been hitting Florida right about now but instead decided Texas needed more attention and not only Texas but the fucking city I’m visiting!  That’s just my fucking luck.

The Chuck Berry Sex Video is real?!

While I’m here I decided to help her husband get the shit around here ready while she got some work done.  The work I do speak of mind you is a press release about Chuck Berry.  CHUCK FUCKING BERRY HAS A SEX TAPE? WHAT THE FUCK?  I mean Jimi Hendrix, Paris Hilton and Mini Me as bad enough but now Chuck Berry too?

Chuck Berry Sex Video

Luckily it wasn’t made recently because that fuck is like over 80 by now.  I guess it was years ago when he was still young and virile and could get some sweet, young pussy.  No, this isn’t the video of him with the teenager girl that landed his ass in prison.   From what I hear this movie makes R. Kelly look like a pussy in terms of pissing on girls.

I had a friend who actually seen the movie and he says it’s more of a review of Chuck Berry’s life.  There is some naked chick and in the last scene there is some sex going on but it’s less sex like you would think between two normal people and more like a weird 1970s yoga kind of thing.   To be exact he said “it’s quite strange indeed”.

He went on to talk about how it was like going down a highway and seeing a wreck on the side of the road.  You know you should just move along and do your best not to look which could cause you to slow down and hold up traffic even more but fuck if you can’t help but look.  That’s kind of what watching this Chuck Berry movie is like.

Here is the full press release.

Content Bandit to License Chuck Berry Sex Video For The Web

You may have heard about it on the news or in the gossip rags years ago but now webmasters can offer it to their members because Content Bandit is set to license the digital distribution of the Chuck Berry sex video, Johnny B. Bad.  “Open Your Mouth, Baby! Here It Cums!”  says Rock legend Chuck Berry in this up close, behind the scenes documentary of Chuck Berry and his wild antics! Included in this DVD is newly discovered rare, unseen, and outrageous footage of Chuck!

Chuck Berry’s signature move was the now infamous “duck walk” — in which he plays the guitar while squatting and hopping on one foot.  Many know Chuck was not only a musical innovator but also a pioneer in celebrity scandal, beating out Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson in the sex tape debacle but decades.

Perhaps it was Chuck Berry that R. Kelly took his cue from. In this Chuck Berry video, he urinates all over a young girl in the bathtub. He also farts on her, saying “Oh hell yeah you are gonna smell that fart!”  Another highlight over this rare and unique footage is at the end when the young girl is begging Chuck Berry to kiss her and he responds by pushing her back and in turns says “Hell no! You smell of fucking piss!

(two image I found on the web about it)

Kelli from Content Bandit said “Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Jimi Hendrix …. and now Chuck Berry too?  I guess it’s true what they say, who doesn’t have a sex tape?  Actually Chuck Berry would be the first and boy what a first it is.  Chuck is known for his wild life, but this video goes beyond that with how raunchy it is. Who knew one of the greatest musicians of all time would be so wild and crazy in his personal life?”

Chuck Berry is a rock legend.  John Lennon once said of Chuck Berry, “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.”  His long and accomplished life and career however are nothing compared to the footage you will see on this video.  It’s something you wouldn’t expect from a music icon of days gone by.  Adding this video will be a unique addition to any website.

Webmasters can contact Kelli directly for more information on how they can license the Chuck Berry documentary, Johnny B. Bad for their membership website via email at kelli ** AT ** ContentBandit ** DOT ** com, AIM : ContentBandit or visit the website at

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