Star in a music video

Within The Eddy (Now on iTUNES!!!!!) is looking for people to be in his upcoming music video. The location of the shoot will be in the high school theater in Westlake Village, California.  View Map to the location.

We are now collecting info on everyone who wants to be in our “No Trace” music video! All ages and looks needed, so don’t miss this opportunity! The shoot is confirmed for September 6 and 7 in Westlake Village, California.

There will be an audience as well as other little parts taking place in a high school theater. We need to know who wants to participate ASAP! You can choose between either $5 or a special video shoot tshirt. There will also be catering services so food is provided.

To confirm you can and want to be a part, simply send us an email to with all of the following info! Also important, please include a current photo.

1. Full name
2. Age
3. T-shirt size
4. $5 or tshirt?
5. Are you a vegetarian? Or any other specific food needs.
6. List any extra talents you have.

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