Night Trips 2009

20 years ago legendary director Andrew Blake released his now infamous movie, Night Trips.  The next year it won the AVN award for Best Cinematography, Best Editing – Video, and Best Film.  By all accounts it was a great movie.  An AVN reviewer had this to say about the original Night Trips movie …

A sexual mood piece with beautiful visuals, luscious sex, production values and a career-topping performance by Tori Welles, Night Trips was produced right before technology went wild. The viewer does not suffer from the manic editing that many of today’s MTV-weaned directors thrive on. Rather, Night Trips works on a more subdued level, with erotic scenes building and creating atmosphere, while looking beautiful.

One of the best and most important adult films of all time. Night Trips has been released on DVD at a welcome period. Though the add-ons are minimal (just cast lists, chapter indexing and the basic stuff), this is a great movie that looks better than it ever could on videotape. This is a film that could prompt consumers to actually go out a buy a DVD player. Stock in depth for perpetual sales.

Night Trips 2009

Well much time has passed since then.  Some 20 years later, how can Andrew Blake possibly top that?  I guess we will soon find out because he is remaking the movie and it is due out next year.    The new Night Trips 2009 will feature mostly girl/boy scenes similar to the original film. Blake hopes to set a new standard of eroticism in his new film, raising the bar of sexually explicit film making.

Andrew Blake has chosen exotic Brazilian performer Paola Rey to star in the role, originally portrayed by adult film actress Tori Wells for Night Trips 2009.

Paola Rey

Paola Rey stars in Night Trips 2009

“Paola has the beauty and sexuality necessary to portray my initial vision of Night Trips, but up-dated to 2009″, Blake said, while sipping drinks with his star at a cafe near his Venice Beach studio.

Blake continues. “I started a trend back then, giving a lot of companies creative ideas that have continued to this day. In an industry that has left film behind in favor of video production, I started shooting on film and will continue to shoot on film for years to come. Shooting film gives the images a ‘one step removed’ quality that can’t be duplicated in HD video. Remember that film is the original 100+ year old high definition media.”

Paola Rey is excited at the opportunity to shoot for Andrew Blake. “This project is ground breaking – a phenomenon. He is a visionary…an artist. I learned from Andrew that porn is not all about being filthy and nasty, but the subtle ability to turn someone on.”

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