Is the end near for the girls next door?

“TMZ Has It All Wrong!” says our sources.   Our secret sources deep inside the Playboy Mansion speaks to us about what really goes on behind closed doors!

My attention was first drawn to this story when I had read that the girls next door, who all appear to be the best of friends on their hit E! reality show don’t get along so well.  It seems that, at least according ot the gossip mags, Holly and Kendra are always at each other’s throats and that things are so bad they even have to film around the two fighting because they can’t be in the same room together.  I found this story odd because I had just seen them at an event together and yes they were all three together.  I don’t know something about that just stuck in my mind.  Here is one such story from TMZ stating that the staff at the Mansion hate both Holly and Kendra.

The Girls Next Door

I honestly don’t give all of this much thought until the next story comes out about one of the girls next door and this time it was Kendra Wilkinson.  TMZ had a video clip of Kendra not being able to get into a club right away.  That was really their take on the story but let’s look at that story a little closer.  We notice that it’s late and night and Kendra is arriving at the House of Blues with the rapper known as Lil Wayne.  Notice she arrived with the rapper and his posse and even was shown getting out of the car with him.  The only two females present in the large group were Kendra and her friend.

Other than her initial wave when they exited the car, Kendra tries to stay in the background, basically ignoring the cameras and just talk to her female friend and bitching because she was denied entrance to the club along with about half of the other people that showed up with Lil Wayne.  When she realizes the cameras are on her, she quickly shuts up.  A few minutes later security comes out to find Kendra and brings her in the back door of the club.  The rest of his “posse” is left to stand outside of the club.

Ok now TMZ will have you believe that’s all there was to this story but really is that the case?

We all know that the girls next door have a very early curfew.  So Kendra somehow got permission to break curfew to go on a date with another man?  Interesting.  You can’t say that she wasn’t WITH Lil Wayne because besides her friend they were the only females in the group.

-From The Girls Next Door Website – The girls have a 9pm curfew. They are generally not allowed to be out without Hef past this time unless it’s a special occasion and they gain prior approval.

Let’s jump forward to the next story from TMZ and that is of Holly Madison coming out of her strip aerobic class to tell the cameras that she and Kendra have not been fighting that in fact that very day they were together condo shopping.  The TMZ people want you to believe that someone is moving out but anyone who watches the show knows that Kendra invests the money she makes into real estate and even bought her first condo on the show and said at that time she would continue to invest her money into real estate and buy several more condos in the near future.  So with that we know that TMZ is wrong and that at the very least Holly and Kendra are getting along.

So what is the REAL story over at the mansion?  Someone has to know and as luck would have it, I happen to have a few friends who hang out there far to much and these secret insider sources have this to say about the whole Girls Next Door feud.

Secret Source One on the girls fighting : The girls may have minor quibbles from time to time but who doesn’t? They are together a lot and no doubt get on each others nerves from time to time but I see them when the cameras aren’t rolling and they are all very close, like sisters – sisters who walk around naked all the time sure, but sisters nonetheless.  I’m don’t know why those gossip websites post stories about them fighting, I guess it is what makes the money but I can tell you first hand it’s not true.

Secret Source Two on the everyone hates Holly Madison story : I was really outraged when I read that story about Holly on TMZ.  They have no idea what the fuck they are talking about.  While it is true that Holly has a job as editor of the playmate pictorials, she worked hard to prove herself to get that position and had to learn the ropes before even getting the chance.   As it turns out Holly has a unique insight to what Hef likes when it comes to his Playmates and that is the reason she was given the job.

There may be one or two bitter employees that someone doesn’t know about but for the most part, everyone I’ve seen loves Holly and the work she does.  They all agree she has a unique talent for that kind of work and are glad to have her in the office.  If there is someone at the office bitter of the job Holly was given, it’s just due to their own petty jealousies.  Truth is, Holly has an eye for quality girls and like it or not, she’s damn good at her job.

Secret Source Two on Kendra vs Holly : As far as I know the girls get along well.  Holly and Bridget seem to be the closest with Kendra often making friends with the new, younger incoming Playmates as they seem to have more in common.  Kendra’s a party girl still, she’s younger than the other two.  Holly and Bridget seem to be more focused on their careers and their futures right now. That’s the one major difference you see in the girls.

As far as any direct fights, not really anything big.  I guess, well, ya there was one.  It wasn’t to long ago when a few people at the Mansion overheard Holly berating Kendra for what she termed “inappropriate public behavior” and how it could hurt all of them and cause them to lose what I think she said “the show” but the guy next to me swore she said “everything”.  Either way, it wasn’t clear what behavior Kendra was being yelled at for nor who she was with just that she was told that kind of behavior wasn’t acceptable and she wasn’t to be seen with those people again.

Secret Source One on Kendra vs Holly : I really only know of one big fight they had and that was when Kendra did something stupid but I don’t know what that was.  I know that Holly came down on her like a mother would a child and that probably rubbed Kendra the wrong way.  I couldn’t see who else was in there with them but it was a female and I did overhear some of what they were saying.   I can’t remember enough to quote anything specific but I think it was over Kendra’s partying and missing curfew.  Hef likes the girls to have the public appearance of propriety and wants the girls safely locked in the mansion at a decent hour.  Kendra likes to cut lose sometimes and doesn’t really make curfew all that often.  The girls don’t hate each other though.  They really get along better than my own sisters do.  And after that one big fight they had, they made up and there hasn’t really been any issues like that at the Mansion since.

Secret Source One on Who’s Leaving The Mansion : I don’t think anyone has plans on leaving the Mansion just yet but if I had to place money on who would leave first it would be Bridget but not because of anything bad, just that she has more focus on her career outside of the world of Playboy and that is what I suspect will pull her away.  Otherwise why would they leave?  They are getting a free ride and what a hell of a ride it is.  They would be crazy to walk away from that gravy train.

Secret Source One on the Holly and those socks : I don’t know how that got started but I know that someone told her it looks good and it can be her “trademark” so she’s been wearing those god awful socks every since.  I know several people have tried to subtly hint to her to not wear them anymore but clearly she hasn’t gotten the hint yet.  She thinks because a few people buy them she has a huge fan base that loves her gay ass socks but in reality some people would buy anything with her name attached to it because she’s a beautiful girl and she’s famous.  She just doesn’t seem to understand that and she clearly doesn’t understand how stupid she looks in those socks.

Secret Source One on Sex with Hef : As far as I know the only person to really have that much of an intimate relationship with Hef is Holly.  I really do strongly believe they have sex and I can’t speculate how often but that it seems to be on a regular basis, at least from things I pick up around the Mansion.  I think she really does him but I really don’t know how often and any other particulars about the way they do it.

Secret Source Two on the Mansion staff hating the girls : I don’t see that at all and if they do they hide it VERY VERY VERY well.  I think that at times they no doubt get annoyed by the girls and some of the stupid shit they do and ask the staff to do for them but for the most part everyone at the Mansion really enjoys their job and they know that taking care of the girls is part of that job.  In fact I once overheard a Mansion staffer who’s job is to do grounds maintenance, tell someone that his job was something like a 93 on a scale of 1 to 10.  That he could go get a job anywhere doing what he does but he stays at the Mansion because it’s not just a job it’s a family and his entire life revolved around the work he does there.  And he’s ok with that because he likes having a life that revolves around beautiful naked women. There is a lot that goes on at the Mansion.  It’s a 24 hour kind of thing and it’s run like a 5 star hotel, even though it is technically a private home.  But with so much going on all the time it really does take the organization like it were a fancy hotel and that requires staffing full time, around the clock including executive chefs and butlers and securtiy and someone to keep up with all the animals and groundskeepers and maintenance men and that’s just to keep the house running forget all the other stuff.  I think I read that there were 70 people in all employed just to keep the Mansion running and the associated 5 acres.  So ya with all the goes on in the house I’m sure from time to time a staff member or two gets annoyed at the girls but overall they live to serve them and they take that job very serious.

I would like to thank our secret sources for going on the record with us, even if we have to hide their identity. We didn’t really learn much but we were able to find out is that most of the shit those gossip mags put out is bullshit and that the girls are all hot, but are more like sisters than lesbian lovers and that kind of sucks but hey at least we now know Hef is getting some pussy from at least one of them.

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