The way of the future

The way of the future… the way of the future… the way of the future…

Sorry, forgot I wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of the Aviator. Anyway, we had audio porn on 8tracks (which was downright fucking terrible), VHS, DVD, and now Hustler is going to be releasing on Bluray which has apparently won over HD-DVD (damn, I thought Sony’d lose again). Barely Legal Vol. 80 in Bluray is the first of many more to come as the porn industry has alwasy really pioneered technology so that you and I can whack off better. If you don’t have a Bluray player (like a Playstation 3 or just the actual player), then yes its still available on DVD here.

And seriously. Look at the small, cute, pettite boobs on Tristan Kingsley. Thank god 18 is the legal limit because some of these girls look 15. And if 15 was the limit, pedophiles would go nuts with the porn that could be legally produced with 15 year olds looking 11. And while I’m a scumbag who will jerk off to just about anything (Feel free to send nude photos and videos of females to me), pedophiles is where I cross the line. Because I have a younger sister, who at this age if she were raped it would be pedophilia, and I’d kill the mother fucker who did it. Now of course, I’ve dabbled in pacifism a bit, not back in ‘Nam of course. But dude, the chinaman is not the issue here. The issue is there are hot ass girls, who look real young, that bring you back to your high school days thinking “God I wanted Stacy Stone, the head cheerleader from my highschool” and all these great videos and toys are here to let you live out your fantasies. So, click the link, and enjoy.

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