Amy Fischer is still a nobody

So today I read about Amy Fischer walking off the Howard Stern show because he put Joey Buttafuoco’s daughter on the phone. Its been 16 years since that whole scandal erupted and we’re still hearing about it only because of her new porn tape out. Howard Stern went on to mention that he was glad she walked out of the interview as he really didn’t want to do it. Then why have her on in the first place dipshit? Of course, then it went downhill into would you fuck her or not given that she shot Mary Jo. Looking at pictures of Amy Fischer now, I’d fuck her if she was the damn Unabomber.

This is why I listen to Opie and Anthony anyway. They bring better porn stars on like Gina Lynn and have fun contests like making women get naked, dumping honey all over them, and having them roll around in cash and anything they pick up they get to keep. Speaking of Gina Lynn, god she has great tits? My dick is hard just thinking about those. I don’t even know why I’m reporting on this hack, Howard Stern who couldn’t hold an interview for more than 3 minutes with a has-been 34-year old has-been whore like Amy Fisher. Howard Stern is just a douche bag.

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