In response to your request for info about the Japanese TV show:

It’s not a show, it’s a Japanese adult video from Soft On Demand, the biggest porn studio in Japan.

It’s one in a series of movies based on the same theme — what the Japanese call “penis study.” The title roughly translates as “Study of a Man’s Penis by 100 Girls.”

Here’s a link:

The movies are made to look like a TV talk show with an audience of Japanese girls. A veteran JAV actress named Myu serves as the host. She interviews girls in the audience and gets volunteers to come up and “study” the dicks of guys who come out on stage. The guys are all JAV actors. The guy who is featured most prominently in your clip is pretty famous in Japanese porn. He goes by the name “Chocoball.”

Most of the girls in the audience are amateurs, but toward the end of each movie at least one of the girls will actually fuck one of the guys. In every case the girl who fucks is a JAV actress.

These movies came out mainly in 2004-05. Back then the digital mosaics were pretty obtrusive. Nowadays most JAV mosaics are hyper thin and very easy to get used to.

By the way, Soft On Demand is by far the most creative porn studio in the world. Month after month SOD releases DVDs that are far more clever and imaginative than the penis study movies.

Keep in mind that SOD is actually an umbrella organization that consists of close to a dozen semi-autonomous studios — Deep’s, Natural High, AKNR, Hibino, IEnergy, SODCreate, et al. It’s a huge operation. And SOD is just one of half a dozen or so giant porn corporations in Japan. Moodyz is SOD’s closest rival among hardcore JAV producers. (Dogma, a much smaller studio, is my personal favorite. Dogma is run by the greatest porn director in the world: Tohjiro.)

If you want to learn more about Japanese porn, is a great source, and it features tons of bittorrents each day of the latest JAV releases. is also a good source:

Here’s the Web site of my favorite JAV studio, Dogma:



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