Fayner Posts: I’ll keep this brief, but I was just reading in one of Alaura’s chick magazines how Kevin Federline is planning on writing a tell-all book on Britney Spears.

The thing is, I know the content will be fucking amazing, of course cause it is Brit we’re dealing with here, but I’m afraid the greatness of the book will be lost due to K-Fed being such a fucking douchebag.

What do I mean? Okay, the guy could be the worst rapper of all time, scratch that, IS the worst rapper of all time. The only one who comes close is…I can’t think of anyone.

K-Fed is also shitty at most things that he does, like acting cool, acting un-douchebag –like and handling Britney Spears.

What makes anyone think he can write a book if he can’t even go one day without being a douche? It is impossible.

That is why I’m throwing my name in the ring as a possible ghost writer for Kevin’s tell-all book. I know I could write the shit out of it if given the chance.

C’mon, K-Fed, hook a nigga up!

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