Some Porn Chick Writes In: I can also tell you a little about Donny Long too He is yes indeed pretending to be a producer but does not pay the sluts He says he’s gonna trade content with you and tells you you’ll have to go buy a external hardrive for him to be able to load it from his 50 year old computer pathetic and He says he is a great fuck but first hand he is nothing I have fucked better his weenis is too long and not thick enough and he doesn’t even perform good his editing is ok not that great and he uses other people equipment because he can’t afford it he used all the money he made in those so called 500 scenes buying cocaine He used to have a good rep but his is a N***** hater but listens to there music stupid there for not alotta people like him either hes a little bitch must be afraid of them….. cus his skinny ass would get wooped… and he thinks he’s an agent and got all these ugly hoes in the buisness but where are they I never seen um all the so called (longs) Be aware of him decieving coniving …Anyway PLEASE DO NOT POST MY NAME YOU CAN POST WHAT I WROTE BUT NOT MY NAME I TELL BUT FUCK PEOPLE KNOWING WHO I AM CUS I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE IN THE DAMN INDUSTRY THERE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS EXCEPT THE ONES THAT ACTUALLY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO MAKE GOOD WITH THERE MONEY…..


Fayner Says: And like always, we’re reminded that porn chicks don’t become porn chicks by winning the spelling bee. They become porn chick by being whores.

And let me just say that Donny Long is slowly becoming my new hero by spending (allegedly) all his money on blow. I like that. I like Donny Long.

I’ll say it again: I like Donny Long.

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