Fayner Posts: I finally got around to watching the first episode in Season Two of Whorecraft (actually, it is now called WhoreLore but I like the way Whorecraft sounds when it rolls off my tongue) called BIRTH OF DESTRUCTION and let me tell you, the scene is mighty good.

And sure, you’re probably saying, YOU have to say you love it because Dez and Staci are your roomies and they are behind Whorecraft! Staci would fuss you to death if you ever wrote a bad thing about their project! Pussy!

What’s up with that, huh?

Well, Dez and Staci are right now in Washington State with their dog, Limping Lazy Lou-Hippo in the middle of nowhere with no phones and no reception and no television and no electricity and no internet. Dez is up there following his first true passion: fishing, while Staci is out to prove that Asian women CAN drive by learning to kick ass on ATV or 4-wheelers or whatever them outdoorsy-types call those things you ride on and go “Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!”

In other words, they’ll never know if I hate the fucking thing.

But I don’t.

It’s really cool. Especially the special effects, which were done by the amazing Simon. Now I understand why they put up with him being Asian AND British. I mean, c’mon, pick one will you??!!!!!

Dakoda Brookes does a fab job in one of her very first scenes ever. Bianca Dagger is, of course, Bianca Dagger, which is a very good thing. And Barrett Blade’s superb acting makes this seem more like an actual movie than just a porn flick.

All in all, I got a boner, and that is saying a lot considering the three sex actors in the scenes are all good friends of mine. Ewwww!




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