Fayner Posts: Being a Jew on Christmas means I have a lot of free time. Sure, I have tons to begin with but on Christmas I’m not expected to work. Unfortunately my brain hasn’t slowed down to the current crawl of the rest of my body since I quit doing coke some months back, so I was sitting at the computer yesterday just clicking away for things to amuse me.

Somehow I ended up at Donny Long’s web site. Don’t ask how or why because I don’t know, but I did. And I found a few things which made me laugh.

Now I’m not even sure if I know Donny Long. I know I’ve heard about him; things like him being pretty much a John who pays industry chicks porn prices to fuck him on tape. It is actually an awesome idea I must say, pretending to be a producer so you don’t have to pay them the outrageous prices they charge as hookers.

But here is a quote from Donny’s site that got me chuckling outloud:

Donny Long has appeared in over 500 scenes since 2005 making him a talent that is both well liked and one that delivers a hot scene.

Is Donny joking here? Does he really think that doing 500 scenes in two years makes him well-liked and means he does a hot scene? Really? ‘Cause I can name 20 guys who have done well over 1000 scenes in 10 years who are hated and who do some of the worst scenes ever to appear in adult films. I ain’t gonna name any ’cause I don’t wanna, but let me tell you that just because you’ve been in the business for two years does not mean you’re any good: it’s that other people are worse.

It’s not something to be proud of, okay?

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