BellaDonna Writes: As you all may already know, I’m creating a new movie called “Discovering Alexis Texas.” I’m currently searching for a musician or band to make some music for it. The scene I will need the music for takes place in the 60’s – 70’s with free love for all! I have a song here you can listen to that I’m very inspired by and it actually fits PERFECTLY in the scene, but I could not secure the rights for it in my evil porno movie. So if you’re up to the task, it IS a paying job. I’ll pay $1000 for five 4 min. songs, OR four 5 min. songs. 1 of the songs should be closely related to the linked song, the others can be different, but still must fit in the 60’s – 70’s style theme. You will get credits in the movie and one song will play during the end credits of the movie as well.


I am on a deadline with this project, so I need this music VERY quickly, if you’re a band that already has this type of music made, then you’re already ahead of the rest!

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