Fayner Posts: People are stupid. Scratch that. No don’t. People are stupid.

But not as stupid as stupid people who spend time debating other stupid people.

Case in point: the blog that goes along with the Death of Danny Dukes post over at www.Lukeisback.com, and the people who wrote it.

Shelly Lubben, who has a site named after herself, started out with this little gem: When will people wake up and see the porn industry for the destructive force it is? It’s out to kill you. You’ve been warned.

Now, sure, Shelly sounds like a normal woman with concerns towards the welfare of others. No one is denying that. But when you visit her site you’ll see that there is an evil force behind her: Jesus Christ. Basically, if I gathered my info right, she is saying that Jesus Christ can cure heroin addiction though dedication to him. And other things like that which I do not believe but we’ll leave them be.

Now it is true that some have come into this business and got ruined from it, whether from drugs, disease or whatever. But that don’t make it a destructive force, does it? hardly.

So Shelly is full of shit, pretty much, except for her true desire to help those in need.

But then there’s Jeremy Steele. Now I know I promised years ago after his mother emailed me asking me to leave him alone (because of Wanker’s continuous harrassment), but the guy has to be one of the dumbest people I’ve ever come across. Read the things that he says. Here is a guy who only does blow bangs and cream pies. He spends a good deal of his time standing in rooms filled with the stench of cock, failure and more cock. How does his opinion matter, and why? Stop breathing in the cock fumes, Jeremy.

Basically, after reading all 35 plus posts on the subject of Danny Dukes dying, I got not one piece of valuable information; just the same group of idiots talking the same idiotic shit. I am so embarassed that I spent time reading it.

Whatever, it is Hanukkah and I needed to let out some anger ’cause that’s what the holiday is all about.

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