A READER WRITES IN: hey what’s up,

I recall reading his site a few years back and recall him bitching that someone had bought his domain, or that he was selling it to some advertisers or something, but yeah, this is not one of those “what happened to this website” emails, I was just checking to see if it was him again, after someone sent me links to the Sizemore article on here — which I was really into, that’s a dude that can handle a little XXX exposure and retain his uh, dignity? well a poor choice of words when it comes to Tommy, but you know what I mean, I liked the Dave Navarro post, but I was actually looking for actual info on the porn actresses I know of or would recognize, but I think Chris Nieratko’s Skinema reviews are the best I’ve read, if you haven’t seen them he’s one of the vice writers:

Anyways, sorry for rambling, but if you know of any good websites that has information on any east coast porn-industry stuff, if there is one, let me know. Also, I have a dumb blog at that has nothing to do with porn, or anything relevant, but you may find it interesting…also, to spare yourself emails like this, where’s the little “about” or “bios” section of the site, explaining who you are an what you do on the site, like I’m really trying my best not to send an email to taylor rain to the effects of “duh is this taylor rain”?

have a great night, good site, Jack Falcon

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