DCypher posts: I ran into the beautiful and talented Kimberly Kane on set a couple days ago. Andre Madness was shooting an Ava Rose all girl movie for Adam and Eve and KK, along with a bunch of super hot chicks like Celeste Star and Kayden Cross, were all milling about waiting to lick each other. What a job right? They actually get paid for that shit. You know what I call that? Good karma. Lol.

KK and I got to talking about her latest release from Vivid Alt, the long anticipated Triple Ecstasy. It stars girls like Pixie Pearl (be still my throbbing cock) along with Audrey and Otto, and some super hot little Asian girl getting butch dyked in a school girl outfit first in a hallway and then next to a toilet.

It’s the overall mood, all the extra attention to detail, the construction and editing that went into this movie that set it apart. Sure anyone can play with color correction in editing these days and get that “alt feeling” that board lurkers used to trash talk. From what I hear “the biggest most expensive movie of all time” has a lot of the same shit people trashed Eon McKai for doing two years ago, editing wise that is.

Triple X plays with your mood by introducing a frenetic style of custom, “art school” kool handcuffed to a custom, punky fresh soundtrack in a knife fight to the bleed. It’s refreshingly originality serves to elevate it’s fundamental eroticism into pornographic art supercharged by Kane’s raw sexual energy. Watching KK suck cock with that fixed, hungry, somewhat psychotic stare is a near religious experience. I am not even remotely kidding. She’s one of my favorite new directors. After Naked and Famous if you’re not watching her, you’re missing out, plain and simple.

If you had any trouble understanding anything I said in the previous paragraph you should just stick to flat lit gonzo titles with cute girls (being wasted) taking the boring predictable sex in the standard four positions. You know, stuff like Barely Legal from Hustler (which I almost fell asleep watching recently.)

Botttom line time: Kimberly Kane’s Triple Ecstasy is an AMAZING movie. I highly recommend that you watch it…immediately. If you do not then you are a fucking loser.

That’s all.


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