DCypher posts: One question: What the fuck is wrong with people in Arizona? Who finds a hot naked chick in an apartment and calls the cops? Steers and queers man. That’s all I’m saying boy…and you don’t look like no steer cuz you ain’t got horns.

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from The Arizona Republic by C.J. Marsh

A Chandler resident discovered a naked woman sleeping in an apartment early Tuesday morning, but it’s unclear how she got there.

Police were called to an apartment in the 100 block of South Alma School Road about 4 a.m. Tuesday after the resident discovered an unknown woman sleeping au natural in a bedroom.

The naked woman, Jacquelyn M. Pearson, 25, told police she did not remember entering the apartment and that her last memory was that of getting ready for work, according to a police report. Her boyfriend told police Pearson dropped him off at work, said she felt ill and needed to head home.

Pearson told police she was not intoxicated, injured or using any type of drug, and that she had no legitimate reason for being in the apartment – but could not explain how she ended up there, the report stated.

Pearson was arrested on suspicion of first degree trespassing.

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