Fayner Posts: So, that Dakoda Brookes myspaced my computer into submission and Alaura came in and “defragged” my precious computerized writing gadget, which I guess removes tons and tons of useless garbage that clogs things up, including passwords.

For some reason last night I was horny. I’m guessing it was Dakoda’s ass rubbing against my crotch every five minutes that made me this way. It doesn’t really matter who is to blame for this, just that it happened.

And since my DVD player is broken after crashing to the ground when Dakoda and Bianca had their wall-shaking fingerbanging olympics last week in the next room, I was forced to use the computer for my relief session.

But now I had no saved passwords for the sex sites I was hoping to enter. Damn! What’s a man to do? Go and ask Dez and Alaura for some porn? Use my imagination? Go to sleep without servicing myself?

Fuck that!

Luckily I remembered my password for from years ago, and luckily it still worked!

I watched something titled Teen Fuck Holes and it did the trick.


Thanks, for making all my dreams come true.

[ed note: and anyone who wants to send me a password to their site can do so at thanks]

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