Chock full of vitamin Dick!

DCypher posts: Everyone loves the long holiday weekend, except of course Native Americans and turkeys. Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together, for friends to show one another love, and to party hard until you puke after all that being grateful business and marathon television watching is over.

Still that’s no reason you should have to go without. After all, Thanksgiving is when we feed our homeless, when we show kindness to others out of a sense of appreciation for what we have, and all that jazz.

So in the spirit of paying it forward I’ve decided to share this gallery from Mayhem’s newest Tory Lane release, I LOVE BLACK COCK 4. It contains Tory’s first ever interracial scene. Giddyup cowgirl. It also features a bunch of dirty bitches getting stuffed full of hard black pipe and gobbling up their pearly rewards for a job well done.

I’m running low on the double entendres so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

In the meantime feel free to peruse this astonishing gallery and thanks to the good people at Sin City for sharing. Enjoy your long party weekend and remember that the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.

Peace and pumpkin pie for everyone!

Click Here For Full Gallery


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