Shout At The Devil!!! Fayner Posts: I was reading over at Adultfyi about Micky G getting five years for being a satan worshipper or something crazy like that.

That got me thinking about the time years ago that Micky G tried to lure me back to his place for God knows what. This is how it happened.

I wish I could remember the chicks name who first approached me, maybe I’ll recall by the end of writing this and do it over but probably not so here it goes anyway…this chick I knew came up to me at some porn party probably three or four years ago, we did some cocaine by the bar, and her friend Micky G comes up and introduces himself to me although I’d met him many times before that when he first went out with Lola back in like 02 or 03. The chick told me that Micky was having a party later that night on his “boat in the marina.” “You have to come!” Micky said. “Tons of coke and booze and chicks.”

That was pretty much all I needed to hear since I was almost out of blow, had no money for booze and the chick I was there with, Travis, was off mackin’ on a 17 year old.

“Sure, I’m in!”

Later, when the bar was closing, Micky approached me quite drunk. He kept touching my hand and I didn’t much enjoy that. I said I was parked in valet and would meet him on the street when I got my car. While waiting for my ride I saw the chick about to drive away in a car with some other people.

“I’ll see you there,” I said to her.


“Are you not coming to Micky G’s? You’re the one who invited me.”

“Oh my God, I totally forgot! I was looking for you for like a half an hour after we spoke and I thought you left or something.”

“What’s going on here?”

“Okay, so Micky gives me blow to try and talk guys back to his boathouse. Usually I don’t give a fuck, but me and you are friends so I was trying to find you to warn you afterwards.”

“So if went thinking a bunch of people were gonna be there partying?”

“He would have tried to fuck you.”

“Awesome. Thanks for warning me.”

“Oh wait, here, take this.”

“What is it?”

“It’s the cocaine he gave me for trying to get you back to his place. I think you deserve it more than I do.”

“Thanks. And can you do me a favor?”

“Sure. What?” she asked.


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