DCypher posts: So there are reports all over the web today about the “new” Paris Hilton sex tape. Very exciting.

I heard about this tape a while ago from a very credible source but to tell you the truth didn’t really care all that much. You see, a while back I watched parts of One Night In Paris and wasn’t all that impressed in general. I couldn’t see what the big deal was. She didn’t really seem to be that into it. I kinda felt bad for Rick Solomon. The guy was packing a fire hydrant, drilling her like he was AVN Performer of the Year Tommy Gunn, and she still answered her cellie half way through. That had to hurt.

I don’t let girls answer the phone when I’m going for mine. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe, if it was Angelina, maybe…or Jessica Beil.

Beyond all that though I gotta say that I dig Paris. I’ve had the chance to meet her a few times and she has always been really nice to me. I’m sure she wouldn’t know me from a pizza delivery guy if we met again. I’m not one of her friends. I’m not saying we hang socially, or mix clicks, cause that would be dishonest. Still she impressed me with how nice she was, courteous, interesting to talk to, what have you. After all the shit I read about her I thought for sure she’d have been an icy bitch. Far from it.

The tape apparently came from the same storage locker that produced the Valtrex prescription bottles and the fantastic picture of Cisco Adler’s balls. Let that be a reminder to you to always pay your bills on time people, cuz you never know. I heard you can see clips on YouTurd but I’m sure it’ll be up everywhere soon, maybe even on Luke Ford, so don’t hurt yourself looking for it.

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