Fayner Posts: I read over at AVN that T.T. Boy’s company Evasive Angels is planning a Scratch N Sniff campaign. Fucking great. I always wished that when Hustler first did it with the August 1977 issue, the world would catch on and by this time in 2007 the whole universe would be Stratch N Sniff. But they didn’t.

Generate AI Porn

I guess it wouldn’t have even mattered to me because my nose is so destroyed by drugs I doubt I would be able to smell much of anything the new and exciting Scratch N Sniff world had to offer.


My only suggestion, and it is only that, is maybe, just maybe you want to ease people into the whole Sratch N Sniff experience with something a bit nicer than “Sweet Black Pussy Juice”…maybe “White Untouched Teens” or something like that? I don’t know.

But I’ll buy one. I’ve always wanted to know what sweet black pussy juice smelled like. And soon I will.

For more information, go to www.ttboy.com and www.evasiveangles.com.

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