A Fan Writes:

Scott — a very hot friend of mine, and a recognizable soap actress wants to do porn. If she were your friend, how would you advise her. Where to go? Who to talk to? This is no joke, I’ll forward you a couple of jokes if you want, so you can tell the difference. If you want to get drunk at Firefly, I’m buying.

Love the column, F.

Fayner Says: My first question is why a recognizable soap actress would want to do porn. Is she losing her job? Getting back at the producer who told her he loved her and was gonna leave his wife for her? Just a plain whore? This is the first question needed to be answered.

Is she hot? Will she suck dick well on camera? Will she fuck me for press? These must also be answered.

I don’t think she should have any problem getting in to the business. I can help her. Have her get in touch with me so I can get her the right agent.

Also, send some jokes.

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