DCypher posts: This is Erica! She’s amazingly hot for a naked woman with superb breasts and a finger in her cookie.

Suze captured a great set of her and I wanted to share it with you despite being warned to stop giving you free porn.

I’m such a rebel. Yippy kiya muthafuckahz!

The name Erica is a Norwegian derivative of the name Eric. It means eternal ruler. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Despite several letters from my high-powered attorney requesting her home phone number so I could interview her and collect an appropriate bio, as part of evidentiary procedure naturally, I have been unable to move J. Willing from Suze Cash to hand over the proverbial digits. By letters I mean emails sent back to Mr. Noreply and by high-powered attorney I mean my imaginary friend and most trusted confident Dr. Leroy “Hot Dog” Zanzibar…naturally.

Why do I have to keep explaining this to you? Can’t you just take my word for it? When will we get past these trust issues? I feel like you’re smothering me and I need my space.

Suze, by the way, is not only an extraordinary photographer but also a member of the Porno Illuminati, an organization akin to the Talamasca but with hotter members. That means that her daughter Holly, a fellow Bruin, is also, by birthright, a fledgling member. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Ford.

Now that we have that all cleared up…

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