Dirty Talk by DCypher DCypher posts: Scouring through my (not so) extensive archives I came across this photo set from another of my Cal Vista titles DIRTY TALK and wanted to share it with you. Nautica Thorn is simply an amazing looking woman with a voracious sexual appetite that translates onto film (or high definition video in this case) in an almost perfect capture. Working with her is always a pleasure. She brings a curiously upbeat energy, has no problem taking direction then tears it up in her scenes holding nothing back. We were lucky to get her. She really made the movie.

We had an amazing cast in general, including Crissy Moran before she became a bride of Christ, my dear friend Ashley Steele, Carli Banks, Destiny St. Claire, August, Charlie Laine, Ashley Roberts, Samantha Ryan, and Kelle Marie. This was back when I used to love making big lesbian orgy scenes filled with Penthouse Pets. I was trying to establish it as my signature style, a tribute to the late Jim Holliday, before people started squeezing the budgets down on shows. Who would have thought those would be some of the best days of shooting in my decade long career?

Nautica Thorn plays an internet sex columnist whose hapless relationship with her frustrated boyfriend James Deen has soured dramatically in the wake of her meteoric rise to success and popularity. Thorn’s preoccupation with her readers sexual needs has left her boyfriend feeling ironically neglected while she struggles to stay faithful to Deen as they argue over fidelity and questions regarding her sexuality. I wanted to show how men and women dealing with complex issues surrounding polyamorous lifestyles come into their own personal comfort levels and the process of discovery that happens as they begin to move away from accepted social norms regarding sexuality and embrace their poly nature. It’s an issue I’ve worked through in relationships on many occasions and Nautica understood and sympathized with. How can you not love her??

Thorn’s boss, Nick Manning, encourages her to embrace her urges through suggestion and sexually charged assignments. Later on of course he unmasks himself as her secret admirer from dirty, late night chat room conversations. They make a perfect beast together, and Deen runs off with his very vanilla secretary with the over active hormones, so all’s well that ends well.

AVN liked it. Gram hated it but was nicer in his Fleshbot review. Christian Mann made sure it had an amazing cover with Crissy. I hear she’s mad that porn companies won’t let her buy back ALL of her images and that they are trying to make money off of her. I hope she comes to embrace this as a valid part of her past that led her to who she is now. She was (almost) always nice to me and I hope she’s happy with the new life that she’s made for herself.

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