“Sure, Taylor, you can put seaweed with dog shit mashed into it onto my head and take a picture.”

Bandit with a tiny stick

Rhi’s too old for the big ocean so she sticks to a puddle

The inside of a snapping turtle killed by Cap’t Pete O’Fish

Bandit and the girls pose

TR getting feisty on the morning walk

Quick, there’s a giant tick on your ass!

Senor Bandito and tennis ball

This was in the Jamaican section of the supermarket

Alaura and Taylor out on a stroll

“Get on your knees and look up!”

Granny Rhi digging for sea shells

Lesbian lovers???

Alaura takes a pee break

We’re famous in our $1 hats!

Shitfaced at the Nantucket Brewery

Stoned and drunk and fishing for food

Oh my god, Boobs!

HoreHound…soothing to the throat

I have no idea what’s going on here

The Husky on the right has mechanical front legs and attacked Rhi. We still love her

BFF (Better Fingerbang me Fast!)

I call this one “Alone time”

How fucking pretty is this?

Taylor in the swamp

Toad in the swamp

Bandit and a big stick!

What was Lara Roxx’s vagina doing in Nantucket?

Alaura, Taylor, me, Rhiannon and J-Lo at the swamp

Chicks looking cute

Fayner poses for Christmas picture with the dogs in the yard

Where’s Taylor?

Oh, there she is!

Holla 420!

“Hey, Alaura, I got some bad news: Taylor just got her period!”

Just before eating 5 pounds of lobster

God Bless America and our troops

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