Fayner Posts: I was trying to find pictures of Dez’s penis for an article I’m writing about his penis, but instead found this. Some guys came to our house a few months back to interview Dez and Alaura about World of Warcraft, and below is one of the guys Victor’s blog about that day. Enjoy!


FROM HERE: I knew the day was going to be at least a bit memorable- its not every day you interview porn stars. Still, I didn’t know what to expect, and my breakfast settled funny in my stomach as we made our winding way through LA towards Dez’s house. Dez is the mastermind behind the World of Whorecraft (now titled Whorelore for legal reasons) series of fantasy MMO-themed porns.

We ended up in a large-ish house with a deep driveway. Dez had sounded amazingly nice on the phone. When he opened the door he confirmed it wasn’t a fluke- he looked like any friend of mine- bespectacled, affable and warm. He let us in to his gorgeous house and wasted no time in excitedly showing us his newest video- Cock & Load: FPS Porn. He’s branching out into other video game porn- geek porn, what a lucrative market!

“The girls are getting made up. They should be out in a second. I didn’t know who to bring, so i brought my girlfriend Stacey and one of our best friends, Taylor Rain.” I feigned a simple smile, my mind flaring. Taylor Rain?! Maybe the most famous porn star of the past few years?! (Or so my perverted friends tell me… um, yeah.) I was floored. We talked WoW and our movie and his movies as we prepared a comfy couch shot for the interview.

Then they arrived- not just Taylor Rain, but the ultra-famous Alaura Eden as well! And it only got more surreal from there.

The interview had to be the most entertaining we’ve shot yet. Dez was an articulate, thoughtful guy, who did a great job answering the questions, especially after Taylor convinced him to share some of her herbal refreshment. Alaura was a wise, articulate, kind presence- if ever Dez was stuck on a question, she did a beautiful job of breaking it down simply and thoughtfully. Meanwhile, Taylor was a trip and a half the entire time. She said very little at first, but grew less timid as we hung out more. What amazed me the most was how much Dez knew about MMOs- we started with questions about Whorelore, but realizing how much he knew, threw him every question under the sun, and got some of our best soundbytes!

After lunch we got b-roll of the girls playing their favorite video game, Guitar Hero. Taylor came out in rockstar sunglasses, to complete the scene. I was amazed by taylor’s skills- even though it was only on medium difficulty, she nearly received a perfect score! And she played ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ to boot! Alaura was a solid guitar hero herself, and Dez was really good.

But it was nothing compared to his WoW skills. Dez isn’t a porn director who pretends he’s a gamer. Dez used to be the guild master of one of the top guilds on any server. He PvPed for us, and Peter was taking notes. It was truly impressive.

And so ends one of the more surreal experiences in my life. Even though the three of them were so down-to-earth, if I didn’t recognize them, it would’ve just been like hanging out with my friends.

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