Fayner Posts: So Yesterday I decided to finally carve my pumpkin so I could put it out on the street for tonight. And while all the faces in the Pumpkin Carving book TR bought were scary, I thought I could create something myself that was more than just scary. Frightening would be good, you know, something that’ll make a kid pee a little bit in his costume.

On the internet I went searching, and happened upon this photo of Mary Carey above. Her face is huge like a pumpkin, I thought, and she does like pretty frightening here. Why don’t I just trace Mary’s face onto my pumpkin? Good idea, Fayner.

The pumpkin came out awesome and frightening. So awesome and frightening in fact, that our two puppies Lou and Wigger attacked it and tore it to shreds before I got a chance to take a picture of it. What a bummer. Makes me want to go back out and get another pumpkin right now so I can scare all the kids with it tonight. That way, no one will come to the house and I will get all the candy for myself!

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