Zoro the PugFayner Posts: Halloween is cool when you’re a kid. Then it becomes gay. When you reach college, the hopes of seeing every hot chick in your class makes Halloween again a fucking awesome holiday. From then on – until I guess when you have children of your own – Halloween loses its flavor year by year until its nothing more than a day in October.

But Taylor, Alaura Eden and I refuse to let Halloween fade that easily into the dark night. And since none of us actually have any children, we thought bringing all six of the dogs out Trick-or-Treating might be a lot of fun.

So Taylor went and got all the costumes, Alaura made them fit right and I held the dogs while they tried to wiggle out of them. Of course, Keith and Dez refuse to have any part in our silly fun, but that won’t bring us down.

Here is what each dog will be wearing as we walk up and down the safe streets of Woodland Hills

Lou the Mastiff: a spider or a RastaMan. (It’s the same costume)

Wiggles the Bloodhound: a dinosaur

Bella the Mastiff: a ladybug

Smokie the Pit Bull: a pumpkin

Dick Bandit the Pit Bull: a lobster

Rhiannon Almighty the Mutt: a hot dog

Think with this group of dogs some kid’s gonna shit his pants when we walk on by?

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