Fayner Posts: Simon is a Chinese guy with a British accent who does all the Whorelore computer stuff. He gave Dez a Sony Wii video game for his birthday called Smooth Moves.

After closer inspection, it was noticed that many of the challenges in the game closely resemble sexual acts.

Take a look for yourself…

This is a fist ready to be inserted into someone’s anus

This teaches how to dress like a lumberjack and jerk off large cock

Squatting on cock while fire burns below will soon be the big thing

This one is too easy

Aim for the asshole!

Are you convinced yet?

Not pictured:

The Elephant Pretty much teaching the art of sucking cock

The Remote Control A lesson in rubbing the clit.

There are many more which I will get Taylor and Alaura to demonstrate on video soon. Stay tuned…

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