Fayner Posts: This is the only logical explanation as to why both Ava and Anh blew off Dez’s birthday party last night: they’re fuck buddies.

Why else would they RSVP and not show up? Everyone else who said they were coming actually did show up.

There were two vacant chairs at the table, reserved for each of them, but as the night wore on it became evident that they were gonna flake on us. Dez’s food went untouched, his spirits so low from his two friends not being there to share his birthday with him. Also, I may have even seen Dez shed a tear of sadness when the truth finally did kick in. Or maybe not. And even though I didn’t care either way if they showed up or not, I kinda wished they were there.

For Dez’s sake, that is.

And because I’m a shitty reporter and wish to not take this any further, I must now assume that Ava and Anh are bumpin’ uglies.

Now how’s that for following the clues??

PS – Ava and Anh aren’t really fucking, they’re just really fucking lame.

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