EMail from a fan:

Man……Being able to communicate with you is one of the greatest things that could ever happen in life !!!! I am a true fan….I thank you soo much for becoming an adult actress !! Or I would have never had a opportunity to have known you anyway at all…I couldn’t begin to describe how perfect I think you are..I could smother you in platitudes and compliments all day long..But I won’t bother you with saying things to you I know you find common…Instead while I still have your attention before you move on..In case you have not gage the importance of your accomplishment..Let me explain to you how I see you..

You have immortalized yourself….No matter what happens you have made history….I know that what you’ve accomplished was for fun and profit..But I think there is a deeper philosophical view point to be considered…You have done something all humans want but few have accomplished…You found a way to live forever……You will be like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe…You will always be a symbol of freedom,youth, and beauty forever…I didn’t see the higher conscienciousness of adult films until I saw you…I know you are laughing….and today what I am saying may sound ridiculous….But I enjoyed adult films but I always felt the women didn’t..not really…Not until you…YOU have to be the most genuine adult star in history…..In everything that I have ever seen you in..You always appeared absolutly and truly into it…I didn’t think it was possible…I would think you would have taken a day off just to collect the check..But you don’t..You are as committed to a good product as much as a athelete or a muscian or anyone else…I work in production..I understand how hard it is to work when you don’t feel like it..But you always threw yourself into your work. And I have always felt you were amazing…

In 500 years from now when the world has progressed more, and people are less judgemental…I won’t be around but you will and I bet they will study you in college under freedom, and liberation, you will be like this glamourous philosophical sex goddess.. No one will ever know who I was then..But they will know Taylor Rain…. I think you are the most beautiful thing in the world (flat feet and all lol !! 😉 One day if I get married and this is the truth…I am gonna show my future wife your movies and if she can’t be close to the woman you are..I may not ever get married….I Love You Taylor and I hope you are successful in everything that you do….I don’t know if it was a choice…But I think you should be the biggest thing on the planet, so I will assume you held back your star a little bit..

I hope I didn’t bore you…I hope one day I can meet you in person and get a autograph…Or maybe you will be in a film in the theaters soon…Or tv..The sky is the limit for you.


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