September 05, 2007. Yesterday evening Miami Heat center Shaquille O’Neal (35) filed to divorce his wife of nearly five years, Shaunie (32). The two seemed like the perfect couple to most outside observers.

This seemingly out-of-nowhere filing has people all over the sports world are wondering what could have happened. Well got the inside scoop on what really went down!!!

In an exclusive interview, spoke with one of Shaq’s employee’s who claims that Shaq suspects Shaunie of being unfaithful. According to the insider, Shaq is accusing his wife of carrying on an affair with her 27 year old personal trainer.

The trainer, who is of native Cuban descent, has been training Shaq’s wife for nearly a year.

According to our insider, Shaunie has been increasing the frequency of private training sessions ever since the spring. The insider tells, “Shaunie and [the trainer] started off having weekly sessions. But they increased the number of sessions until she was seeing him almost every day.” The insider added, “I’m not saying that there was anything inappropriate going on between them, but they were very close. So I can understand where Shaq is coming from … Whatever was going on between them, it just didn’t look right.”

Shaq’s employee isn’t convinced, however, that Shaq’s marriage is over. The insider explained, “Right now Shaq filed [for divorce] because he’s angry. But the way that those two love each other, I’m convinced the marriage can be saved.” Our source continued, “Besides, Shaq has a few skeletons in his closet himself – and there’s just too much [history] between them for either to walk away this easily.”

But if this divorce ever does get to court, it may get ugly. Shaq’s pit bull lawyers have made the first move. They’ve already requested that Shaunie O’Neal to provide a “correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities” that she had access to or obtained during the marriage.

Shaq and Shaunie have four children together — Shareef, 7, Amirah, 5, Shaqir, 4, and Me’Arah, 1. Shaq has a daughter, Taahirah, and Shaunie has a son, Myles, from previous relationships.

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