Fayner Posts: It’s funny how the government still believes anyone thinks the war in Iraq is to help built a working government in the projects of the Desert. Ha!

The oil, folks, it’s the oil we want. And we’re not leaving the desert until we steal it all.

So the war continues. Did we think it would ever end?

Read on…

RENO, Nev. (AP) – Broadening his defense of the war in Iraq, President Bush said Tuesday that withdrawing U.S. forces would allow the Middle East to be taken over by extremist forces and put the security of the United States in jeopardy. “I want our fellow citizens to consider what would happen if these forces of radicalism and extremism were allowed to drive us out of the Middle East,” Bush said to thousands of veterans at the American Legion convention. “The region would be dramatically transformed in a way that could imperil the civilized world.”

Bush got a friendly response from the veterans group in his second major speech in a week seeking to buttress support for the war.

“America will not abandon Iraq in its hour of need,” the president said.


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