Fayner Posts: One would think this Dynamic Duo would have peaked with last year’s wildly popular WHORECRAFT.NET (now WHORELORE.COM), a porn-meets-fantasy adult series that gained Worldwide attention for its originality and superb attention to costumes, scripts and detail.

But now Dez and Alaura offer, the first-of-its-kind First Person Shooter Porn starring Jessica Jaymes.

Episode One is available now for download for about $7.

Basically, if you’ve even dreamed of being a SWAT guy who kills the bad guys then gets serviced by the pretty damsel in distress, then this is your Holy Bible.

Enjoy bitches.

Repeat, this is not an exercise.

This is real life, people. Real guns, real criminals and real blood.

If you’re looking for simulated bad guys and a hearty pat on the back from your instructor, you’re in the wrong place.

All your training has prepared you for this moment, and this moment only, so get your game faces on.

The plan is simple: get in, take down the bad guys, confiscate the drugs and save the girl.

You have no one to trust but yourself and your gun.

One way in. One way out.

It’s either total success or complete failure: There is no room for error.

Load ‘em up, boys.

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